Reasons for Website Running Slow

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Today, website is considered as the link between organization and the customer. Because website plays an integral part in business world. Website running speed is a problem faced by the customers. In this busy world, no one has more than a minute to stick to a single website. If the pages download slowly, then it is quite possible that the website may lose its customers. Here web development in dubai introduce some reasons for website running low.

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Excessive amount of coding

If the web page have excessive amount of code, it become more complex. It will affect the loading speed of the websites. In this regard, there is a need to cut down on the coding and keep the framework structure simplified. This will ensure speedy loading of the page and more web traffic being driven.

Too much of images and embedded media

If the website have too many images, then, it is sure that the problem will occur in loading the website. The customers will definitely shift from one website to another in search of information. So it is always better to lower the amount of images used in the website for allowing it to load speedly or designers simply should use the web friendly image sizes. Like images video take lot of time to load because the buffering time involved. This can lead to the website make it slow.

Excessive HTTP request

If the website  load efficiently, it must be in correct proportion: be it a image, content or any thing else. Excessive images, coding or CSS may pose a threat to the loading process of a website because as the site hits browser it happens to carry out a separate request for each file. Combining them in one file will reduce the loading time.

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is cost effective method but it will affect the loading speed of website. In shared web hosting, memory, data, disc space etc are shared with various website hosted on the same sever. It cuts on the loading time.

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