Website layout design trends in Dubai

Today every designer is experimenting their websites with different layouts and designers. The layout artists have experimented with designs, and each year new trends have emerged that take layouts to an entirely new level. Lets see some of the Website layout design trends in Dubai.

Split screenswebsite designing dubai

The split screen layout features a vertical divide that can present two elements. The two reasons for this type of layouts are:

  • If the business has two equal important things to promote and the split allows users to select from the two.
  • The business may want to promote the essentials of its niche on one side and present photos or media on the other half. Then spilt screens will be very useful.

Block grids

web design company uae

Here the pages will be divided into several blocks. These blocks may be all the same size, if the elements are of equal importance, or different sizes, based upon the order of importance of the content that is displayed. These modules can be used on pages other than just the home page, and, as well are designed to be flexible, so as to change size to fit full PC screens or reduced to fit screens of mobile devices.

Single screen layout

web design company in dubai

Single screen layout is unadorned screens that have the look of a television screen or a magazine-style opening image, often incorporating a scroll to ‘open up’ the site. This layout provides a single image to capture a complete picture of the brand. This will provide complete focus and clarity for the user. It is a good if the image or illustration is engaging and interesting for a viewer.

Big backgroundsweb design agency dubai

It’s better to use big backgrounds that can set the tone and mood of the site. A more minimalist background will support busier middle and foreground elements.

web designing dubai

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