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Design has everlastingly been at the head of what we do. Even though the bulk of our time is spent coding and indoctrination and project managing – at the end of the day it always comes back to design. You could say we’re a bit fanatical about it but in this case, I believe it’s good to be fanatical.

Excellence products (everything from touchable things to digital solutions) begin and end with huge design. Design should power all product decisions. Even essential business questions like what to build, or how to sell it, should be treated as design decisions. Design is not just vital, it is everything.

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Huge design doesn’t just fly off the bat. It takes time and devotion and persistent attention to detail to manufacture good design and hence a quality product. Thanks to Apple’s success, design is being taken much more critically these days but in truth, most people do not be thankful for the bottomless relationship between design and quality.

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The additional you care about good design and pay attention to the details, the more any probable flaw will show up enabling you to fix them. And you’ll want to fix them since you want your product to shine..

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