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Longer scrolling sites

It hasn’t gone unobserved that most new site designs published today tend to be longer in length when scrolling through the page. As mobile devices become more popular, it’s becoming more everyday for sites to opt for scrolling instead of linking as a means to display content, especially on their home pages.

It is easier for users to simply scroll through a page to get their information than it is to constantly click to find information.

Storytelling and communication

While having astonishing content is forever crucial for your website, being able to tell a story through your content is a big plus. Web design in 2015 will likely focus around helping tell a story for users.

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Absence of large header background images

The tendency over the last few years have been large header background images, often with text on top, and it is the first thing most visitors see when they come to a site. So how can you stand out from the crowd that has embraced the large-header-background-image trend?

 Removing non-necessary design elements in favor of ease

There is an idea in design that a design is complete when all of the non-essential elements have been detached. In 2015, I believe we could be seeing more of this idea come into completion as sites look to find ways to simply their designs by removing non-essential design elements.

Fix width centered site explain

Most websites over the last few years have used the “banding” or width: 100 percent design element so that things like images and sections visually stretch the full width of a browser’s view port. Before this trend became popular, most sites were fix-width and centered in the page. You could tell where the site ended on either side.

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