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Here’s our list of 2015’s crucial trends. Some ideas are featured in net magazine’s feature. Most controlled here are exclusive, and you won’t read them anywhere else.

01.Massive background images

More massive background images in 2015, “used beside rich typography and subtle parallax effects”, largely due to the     lead taken by massive brands such as Apple and Google Nexus.

02. Card-based design

Card-based design will be big: “Content needs to fit on different types and sizes of screen, and cards are the easiest way to make that work across platforms.” He adds this presents a design challenge, since cards can be dull, “but we’re seeing fun, clever takes on this from companies like Google”.

03. Digital-first branding

As more companies realize their customers’ primary experience with them is online, we’ll see more digital-first-approach to branding”. Companies “ditching customary branding agencies who treat the web with the same care as a branded mug”, instead “commissioning digital agencies to imagine a brand that works first online before filtering down to other channels.

adds this may result in “more brands with responsive, fluctuating logos,” which will “force designers to think about a logo from ‘big picture’ to ‘minute detail’ as it scales”.

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04. Open data

open data’s been on the go up, but many digital spaces remain “more closed than ever” and so “leaders such as The Open Data Institute are working to promote more openness”. She reckon this will gain public consciousness in 2015, and projects will respond accordingly, in terms of publishing and expenditure.
We’ll consequently see “more public and private companies making data and content available”. In turn, this will result in “some pretty stunning services being created.

5. Responsive design – Evolved it

Expects the industry to “continue maintaining simple and minimal aesthetics,” with the web “becoming fully customized for different view ports.
But others see receptive design going further. Thinks we’ll see “responsive design practices become more significant in native apps,” in part through a propagation of wearable. “Apple Watch, for example, relies on a responsive-like flow to accommodate a small screen, and so while 2015 isn’t the year the web and native become the same, it’ll get us much closer.”

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